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Art & Design Curator


In 2013, while a senior at HIT college for design, I started directing a leading Israeli design art gallery, with the most significant collection in the country, named Gal Gaon Gallery.

During my 4 years at the gallery I worked with numerous creators, artists and designers, on developing/creating/advancing works, series and collections. I’ve curated many exhibitions, and mainly worked with collectors/clients as a consultant for purchasing art and design objects, as well curated commercial projects (for hotels/restaurants/offices) and special commissions.

In 2016 I started working as an independent consultant/curator and nowadays I work with private clients, interior designers, architects and commercial clients. 

In 2018 I was featured in an exhibition called ‘impactful women in the Israeli art world’ created by artist Michal Harduf and curated by Keren Shpilsher.

Art Director 

Tass side table Desert collection- Metal

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