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In 2015 I decided to go after my dream and get an MA in Philosophy.  In the beginning most of the people around me were surprised - why would a contemporary art gallery director/art consultant go and study philosophy?


Aesthetics is of course one of the three main areas of philosophy, since the days of Ancient Greece, and that’s why the connection was obvious to me for a long time. 


For me, my lectures are a substitution for the news flash - they speak of similar issues: refugees, human rights, corruption, stock exchange, politics… The difference: instead of the dark prism we are used to, the art world floats this content in a way in which one can both be updated on what’s happening in the world as well as open their hearts and enjoy. That is the reason love getting on stage again and again and guiding people in seeing the world through a creative, or shall I say, optimistic look.

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